Legitimate Work At Home Companies Now Hiring Home Mailers

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a at home mailer company thats not scam?
    I would love to do this I just don't wanna be out money

    • ANSWER:
      There is no such thing. Any mailing house can stuff, seal and stamp over 100 envelopes a minute for about . Why would any company hire a person who would take 2 hours to do the same thing?

      And how would you be out money. There is NO legitimate job that makes you pay before you start. NONE. Anyone asking for money is always a scam, NO exceptions. A real company takes any start up costs out of your first paycheck, a scam company charges you money out of pocket and you never get anything

    I want a home - mailer job. Do you know a real good company?
    mailing brochures from home, home-mailer

    • ANSWER:
      99.9 percent of them are hoaxes. I watched an investigative report on it.

      Any that need you to send money to get started is a hoax. No matter what lies they tell you - even if it seems legitimate, is a hoax.

      The only company I've even known that you can work at home is Obopte (sp) in MN. But I think they have since changed their name, went out of business, or stopped hiring home workers.

    Are there any stay home moms out there that work from home, and are there any legitimate websites to go on?
    Hello, just wondering are there any legitimate websites or information on working from home? I am 8 weeks pregnant and to weak to go into my regular job, and my doctor is thinking about taking me out of work. I don't want to be without any income, so I decided to look into working from home, but I hear so much about scams. I was just wondering are there any stay home moms working from home, and are there any legitimate websites or information I can look into for this?

    • ANSWER:
      Become a virtual assistant. All that means is that you provide administrative, secretarial and if you have the knowledge technical support from your home office. A lot of people need VA's because they can't afford a full time person, the overhead, taxes etc. that goes along with hiring someone full time. You can do things like hand addressing mailers and sending them off, reading and replying to emails for a client that is just too busy, researching competitors for a company or just answering phone calls for them (call forwarding is all you need). Visit www.ivaa.org and you will see what VA's do, how much they charge and how to get started. You can also visit my website www.hudsonvirtualsolutions.com. I am a VA and even though it's a lot of work I enjoy it greatly and make pretty descent money. Good luck and congrats on your new baby!

legitimate work at home companies now hiring home mailers